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Awesome Ways To Decorate Your Home With Christmas Wreaths

Jan 28,2023 / News

A Christmas wreath is a neat arrangement of greenery averaging about 9 feet long, often decorated with pine cones, berries, ornaments and lights. Or it could be a string of beads, a crescent moon shatterproof charm, or a length of glittering wire.

Wreaths may seem like simple decorations, but dangling, dangling, or stringing them around a home has an almost magical effect.

You'll most often see wreaths mounted on front doors, wrapped around stair banisters, and hung from mantelpieces, but wreaths can shine in more unexpected places, too.

Here are some creative and stunning ways to decorate your home with Christmas wreaths this year.

Christmas Table Topper

Instead of a centerpiece, place a faux garland lengthwise over a dining table like a table runner. That way, every guest gets a glimpse of the holiday greenery. The look can be as simple as an undecorated garland with a few votive candles or lanterns. Or opt for a festive wreath decorated with bling baubles, ribbons, and berries. A pre-lit wreath or string of fairy lights can add a warm glow to your charming Christmas table setting.

cabinet decoration

Do you have a lot of space between the top of your kitchen cabinets and the ceiling? Fill it with a lush pre-lit garland adorned with ornaments for extra sparkle and sparkle. Throw in a little lantern or two, golden deer or other woodland creatures, Christmas village ornaments, angel figurines, charming gnomes, or tabletop trees, and you'll create a Christmas look worthy of your favorite home decor show.

frame a window

Speaking of Christmas wreaths, why should the outside of your home be filled with fun? Use wreaths on the tops and sides of window frames in decorative areas of your home, including the living room, family room, and dining room. You'll be surprised by how much more festive and perfect the room looks. Instead of green garlands, use garlands made from colorful shatterproof ornaments for an added festive touch.

rimmed mirror

A Christmas wreath frame that adorns interior windows can also add a festive flair to a bathroom, foyer, or mirror above a mantel, with an added bonus. Reflections make your decorations look twice as beautiful!

ornate chandelier

Decorating halls and light fixtures with pine garlands is a very traditional look, but there are many other artificial garlands to choose from. A beaded garland strung from a chandelier or pendant light adds extra shimmer and shine. Choose from shiny gold, silver, or iridescent metallics. There are also wreaths featuring seasonal items like snowflakes or Christmas bells.

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