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There are so many kinds of Christmas tree, normal tree, Pop-up tree, wall tree, pencil tree, potted tree, table tree, snow tree, large tree etc.

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Shaoxing Hongxin Gift Co., Ltd is professional China Large Christmas Tree Manufacturers and Wholesale OEM/ODM Large Christmas Tree Factory, that specialized in researching, developing and production of Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths, and other Christmas decoration items. We establish in 2003, have over 17 years of experience, we are factory direct selling Large Christmas Tree, with competitive price advantage, and our wholesale Large Christmas Tree have passed CE/GS/RoHS/EN71/REACH certification, we pay more attention to quality than cost , welcome OEM/ODM Large Christmas Tree, contact us to order beautiful Christmas decorations online.

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Shaoxing Hongxin Gift Co.,Ltd is a professional Large Christmas Tree manfactuer and trade company specialized in researching, development and production of Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths, and other Christmas decoration items. Factory was Founded in 2003, now located in Shengzhou City, Zhejiang, which is near to Ningbo City, Hangzhou City and YIwu city, enjoying the convinent transportation access. Factory can supply christmas trees, garlands and wreaths in different style and shapes, the size can be from 20cm to 50meters, pre-lit or without lights, with or without decoations. Most employees are practised with more than 10years experience, the quality is always stable and guaranteed.Factory focus on environment and social responsibility, we have BSCI and GS certificate. Porudcts get REACH, CE, Rohs ,PAHS etc.certificates. Our products are welcomed by overseas customers and christmas decoration projects.

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The factory buildings covers an area of 7000 square meters. We can supply 20 containers of 40'GP of any Christmas items per month.


Large Christmas Tree Industry Knowledge Extension

What type of decorations are used on the large Christmas tree?
The type of decorations used on a large Christmas tree can vary widely depending on the theme, tradition, and preferences of the organizers or community involved. 
Traditional glass ball ornaments in various colors and designs.
Custom-made or personalized ornaments with names, dates, or special messages.
Themed ornaments that reflect the overall decor or a specific concept.
String lights of various colors and sizes.
LED lights with different lighting patterns or effects.
Specialized light features, such as twinkling lights or color-changing lights.
Tinsel and Garland:
Tinsel strands in metallic or iridescent colors.
Beaded garlands in complementary colors.
Ribbon or fabric garlands for a softer, decorative touch.
Tree Toppers:
Traditional star or angel tree toppers.
Unique or themed tree toppers, such as a large bow, a decorative ornament, or a custom-made creation.
Candles and Candle Holders:
Artificial or electric candles for a classic look.
Candle holders or lanterns placed strategically on the tree.
Festive Bows and Ribbons:
Large bows in coordinating colors.
Ribbons cascading down the tree or woven through the branches.
Themed Decor:
Themed decorations based on a specific concept or idea, such as a winter wonderland, a favorite movie, or a cultural theme.
Decorative figurines or ornaments related to the chosen theme.
Natural Elements:
Pinecones, berries, or other natural elements integrated into the decor.
Faux snow or frost for a wintry effect.
Specialty Ornaments:
Handcrafted or artisanal ornaments.
Collectible ornaments with sentimental value.
Three-dimensional ornaments or sculptures.
Interactive Decor:
Ornaments that play music or make sounds.
Decorations with interactive features, such as lights that respond to touch or motion.
How is the large Christmas tree maintained throughout the holiday season?
Maintaining a large Christmas tree throughout the holiday season involves several key considerations to ensure its health, appearance, and safety. 
Large Christmas trees can absorb a significant amount of water, so it's crucial to keep the tree well-hydrated. Check the water level in the tree stand daily and replenish as needed to prevent the tree from drying out.
Choose a Fresh Tree:
Select a fresh tree when purchasing. Check for flexible needles that don't easily break, and give the tree a gentle shake to ensure that only a minimal amount of needles fall off.
Tree Stand:
Use a sturdy and appropriately sized tree stand that can hold an ample amount of water. Make sure the tree is securely fastened in the stand to prevent tipping.
Trimming the Trunk:
Before placing the tree in the stand, trim about 1-2 inches off the bottom of the trunk to remove any dried or damaged wood. This helps the tree absorb water more efficiently.
Location and Temperature:
Place the tree away from heat sources such as radiators, fireplaces, and heating vents. Maintaining a cool room temperature helps slow down water evaporation from the tree.
Daily Check:
Inspect the tree daily for dry or dead branches. If you notice any, prune them with clean, sharp pruning shears to maintain the tree's appearance and health.
Avoid Direct Sunlight:
Keep the tree away from direct sunlight, as this can accelerate water loss and contribute to the tree drying out.
Regular Watering Schedule:
Establish a regular watering schedule and stick to it. Large trees may require significant amounts of water, especially during the first few days after setup.

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