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There are so many kinds of Christmas tree, normal tree, Pop-up tree, wall tree, pencil tree, potted tree, table tree, snow tree, large tree etc.

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Pop-up Christmas Tree Manufacturers

Shaoxing Hongxin Gift Co., Ltd is professional China Pop-up Christmas Tree Manufacturers and Wholesale OEM/ODM Pop-up Christmas Tree Factory, that specialized in researching, developing and production of Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths, and other Christmas decoration items. We establish in 2003, have over 17 years of experience, we are factory direct selling Pop-up Christmas Tree, with competitive price advantage, and our wholesale Pop-up Christmas Tree have passed CE/GS/RoHS/EN71/REACH certification, we pay more attention to quality than cost , welcome OEM/ODM Pop-up Christmas Tree, contact us to order beautiful Christmas decorations online.

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Company Profile

Shaoxing Hongxin Gift Co.,Ltd is a professional Pop-up Christmas Tree manfactuer and trade company specialized in researching, development and production of Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths, and other Christmas decoration items. Factory was Founded in 2003, now located in Shengzhou City, Zhejiang, which is near to Ningbo City, Hangzhou City and YIwu city, enjoying the convinent transportation access. Factory can supply christmas trees, garlands and wreaths in different style and shapes, the size can be from 20cm to 50meters, pre-lit or without lights, with or without decoations. Most employees are practised with more than 10years experience, the quality is always stable and guaranteed.Factory focus on environment and social responsibility, we have BSCI and GS certificate. Porudcts get REACH, CE, Rohs ,PAHS etc.certificates. Our products are welcomed by overseas customers and christmas decoration projects.

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The factory buildings covers an area of 7000 square meters. We can supply 20 containers of 40'GP of any Christmas items per month.


Pop-up Christmas Tree Industry Knowledge Extension

What are the different types of Pop-up Christmas Tree available in the market?
Traditional Pop-up Christmas Tree:
These are designed to mimic the appearance of a classic Christmas tree with green foliage and branches. They often come with lights and decorations pre-attached.
Tinsel or Metallic Pop-up Trees:
These trees feature metallic or tinsel-like materials, providing a shiny and reflective appearance. They can be silver, gold, or other festive colors.
Pre-Lit Pop-up Trees:
These trees come with integrated lights, saving you the effort of stringing lights on the tree. They may have various lighting options, such as steady glow or different flashing patterns.
Colorful Pop-up Trees:
Some pop-up trees come in non-traditional colors like pink, blue, or white, adding a modern and playful touch to holiday decor.
Flocked Pop-up Trees:
Flocked trees have a coating of artificial snow or flocking, creating a winter wonderland effect. This type can add a touch of snowy charm to your holiday decorations.
Collapsible Tinsel Trees:
These are often smaller, tabletop-sized pop-up trees made entirely of tinsel or metallic materials. They are lightweight and easy to place on counters or tabletops.
Half Trees or Wall-Mounted Trees:
Some pop-up trees are designed to be mounted against a wall or placed in a corner, saving space. They typically have a flat back and are open on one side.
Upside-Down Pop-up Trees:
These trees are inverted, with the wider base at the top and the narrower top at the bottom. It's a unique and quirky design that can be a conversation starter.
Outdoor Pop-up Trees:
Designed to withstand outdoor conditions, these pop-up trees are suitable for decorating your yard or front porch.
Customizable Pop-up Trees:
Some pop-up trees allow you to attach and arrange your ornaments and decorations, providing a personalized touch to your holiday display.
The uniqueness of pop-up Christmas trees
Pop-up Christmas trees are unique and innovative alternatives to traditional Christmas trees, offering several advantages and features that set them apart. 
Ease of Setup: One of the most significant advantages of pop-up Christmas trees is their quick and easy setup. These trees typically come with a collapsible frame that "pops up" into shape, eliminating the need for manual assembly of branches. This makes them ideal for individuals who want a hassle-free decorating experience.
Space-Saving Design: Pop-up Christmas trees are designed to be space-efficient. They often have a slim profile, making them suitable for small apartments, offices, or rooms with limited space. The collapsible nature of the tree also simplifies storage after the holiday season.
Pre-Lit Options: Many pop-up Christmas trees come pre-lit with built-in lights. This eliminates the time-consuming task of stringing lights on the tree and ensures a uniform and festive glow. Some models even offer color-changing or twinkling light features.
Variety of Designs: Pop-up Christmas trees come in various designs, including traditional evergreen styles, tinsel trees, and even themed or novelty options. This variety allows individuals to choose a tree that fits their personal taste and home decor.
Portability: The lightweight and collapsible nature of pop-up Christmas trees make them highly portable. This is convenient for those who may want to move the tree to different rooms or take it to holiday gatherings.
No Need for Tree Stands: Traditional Christmas trees require a sturdy tree stand to support them. Pop-up trees typically come with a stable base or stand integrated into the design, eliminating the need for additional support.
Less Mess: Pop-up Christmas trees are artificial and do not shed needles like real trees. This results in less mess and cleanup, making them a practical choice for those who prefer a low-maintenance holiday decor option.
Child and Pet-Friendly: The lack of exposed wires, breakable ornaments, and potentially harmful decorations on pop-up trees can make them safer for households with small children or pets. Additionally, the stable design reduces the risk of the tree tipping over.
Innovative Shapes and Colors: Some pop-up Christmas trees deviate from traditional shapes and colors. For example, there are pop-up trees shaped like cones, stars, or even colorful and unconventional designs, allowing for a modern and playful holiday look.

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