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There are so many kinds of Christmas tree, normal tree, Pop-up tree, wall tree, pencil tree, potted tree, table tree, snow tree, large tree etc.

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Snow Christmas Tree Manufacturers

Shaoxing Hongxin Gift Co., Ltd is professional China Snow Christmas Tree Manufacturers and Wholesale OEM/ODM Snow Christmas Tree Factory, that specialized in researching, developing and production of Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths, and other Christmas decoration items. We establish in 2003, have over 17 years of experience, we are factory direct selling Snow Christmas Tree, with competitive price advantage, and our wholesale Snow Christmas Tree have passed CE/GS/RoHS/EN71/REACH certification, we pay more attention to quality than cost , welcome OEM/ODM Snow Christmas Tree, contact us to order beautiful Christmas decorations online.

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Shaoxing Hongxin Gift Co.,Ltd is a professional Snow Christmas Tree manfactuer and trade company specialized in researching, development and production of Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths, and other Christmas decoration items. Factory was Founded in 2003, now located in Shengzhou City, Zhejiang, which is near to Ningbo City, Hangzhou City and YIwu city, enjoying the convinent transportation access. Factory can supply christmas trees, garlands and wreaths in different style and shapes, the size can be from 20cm to 50meters, pre-lit or without lights, with or without decoations. Most employees are practised with more than 10years experience, the quality is always stable and guaranteed.Factory focus on environment and social responsibility, we have BSCI and GS certificate. Porudcts get REACH, CE, Rohs ,PAHS etc.certificates. Our products are welcomed by overseas customers and christmas decoration projects.

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The factory buildings covers an area of 7000 square meters. We can supply 20 containers of 40'GP of any Christmas items per month.


Snow Christmas Tree Industry Knowledge Extension

What are the different types of Snow Christmas Trees available?
There are various types of Snow Christmas Trees available, offering different styles, sizes, and features to suit individual preferences. 
Flocked Christmas Trees:
These trees have a coating of artificial snow (or flocking) sprayed onto the branches, giving them a snow-covered appearance. Flocked trees come in various colors, such as white, silver, or even champagne.
Pre-lit Snow Christmas Trees:
These trees come with built-in lights, often designed to resemble snow-covered branches. Pre-lit trees save time on decorating and provide a consistent and evenly distributed lighting effect.
Snow-Tipped Christmas Trees:
Rather than being fully flocked, snow-tipped trees have a more subtle dusting of artificial snow on the tips of the branches. This style aims to mimic the natural look of snow settling on tree branches.
LED-lit Snow Christmas Trees:
These trees combine the snow-covered appearance with energy-efficient LED lights. The lights may be designed to resemble icicles or provide a soft, warm glow.
Unlit Snow Christmas Trees:
For those who prefer to customize their tree with specific lights, unlit snow trees offer a blank canvas without pre-installed lights. This allows individuals to add their preferred lighting scheme.
Tabletop Snow Christmas Trees:
Smaller versions designed for tabletops or limited spaces often come with a snowy finish. These trees can be a charming addition to smaller living spaces or as festive decorations in various areas of the home.
Upside-Down Snow Christmas Trees:
Some unconventional designs feature upside-down trees with a snowy appearance. These trees can be suspended from the ceiling or placed in a special stand, providing a unique and eye-catching display.
Colorful Snow Christmas Trees:
In addition to traditional green, some trees come in alternative colors with a snowy finish, such as blue, silver, or champagne. These provide a modern twist on the classic Christmas tree.
What are some creative decorating ideas that complement a Snow Christmas Tree?
Decorating a Snow Christmas Tree offers the opportunity to create a winter wonderland theme with a touch of magic and elegance.
White and Silver Color Scheme:
Stick to a predominantly white and silver color palette to mimic a snowy landscape. Incorporate various shades of white, silver, and metallic accents for a sophisticated and cohesive look.
Snowy Tree Skirt:
Use a tree skirt that resembles freshly fallen snow. White faux fur or a textured fabric can create the illusion of a snowy base for your tree.
Snowflake Ornaments:
Hang snowflake-shaped ornaments on the tree. Choose a mix of sizes and designs to add visual interest. Consider incorporating clear or iridescent snowflakes for a sparkling effect.
Icicle Ornaments:
Hang icicle-shaped ornaments to simulate the look of frozen icicles. Choose ornaments with a shimmer or transparent quality to catch and reflect light.
Flocked or Snow-Tipped Branches:
If your tree is not already flocked, consider adding snow-tipped branches or artificial snow spray for a frosted appearance. This adds to the wintry aesthetic.
Winter Animal Ornaments:
Incorporate ornaments featuring winter animals like polar bears, penguins, or white owls. These additions contribute to the winter theme and add a touch of whimsy.
Faux Snow Garland:
Drape faux snow garland around the tree for a cohesive snowy effect. Look for garlands with a mix of textures, such as fluffy cotton or faux snow-covered pinecones.
Snowy Pinecones:
Integrate pinecones with a dusting of artificial snow. You can scatter these throughout the tree or use them to create a natural-looking garland.
Frosty Glass Ornaments:
Choose glass ornaments in frosted or mercury finishes. These add a subtle shimmer to the tree and enhance the wintry atmosphere.
Miniature Winter Villages:
Place miniature winter village scenes or snow-covered houses as tree decorations. These can be nestled among the branches to create a charming winter landscape.
White Lights and LED Twinklers:
Use white or cool-toned LED lights to illuminate the tree. Add LED twinkling lights for a magical and dynamic effect reminiscent of falling snow.

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