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Factors To Consider Before Hanging A Wreath

Feb 03,2023 / News

Before we get into the techniques of hanging Christmas Wreaths, let's first discuss some of the factors you need to consider:

where will your wreath hang

While Christmas wreaths are traditionally hung outside your front door, it doesn't have to be. There are many places to hang wreaths, including back doors, windows, and porch doors.

You can even choose to hang the wreath on your hallway door, mantel, above your sofa, or even on your mirror!

the height you want

You also need to consider the height of the hanging wreath.

Figure out where you want the wreath to hang (usually at eye level) and measure the distance to the top of the door.

If you're using ribbon to hang the wreath, you'll need to cut it to the length you want. Or, if you're shopping for a wreath hanger, you'll need to find the right length.


Always weigh your wreath first, as most wreath hangers can only hold about 2.3kg.

the type of your door

The type of door you have will also affect how you hang your wreath. For example, if you have glass doors, you cannot hang wreaths on the door knockers.

your supplies

What materials do you already have? If you already have a ribbon, try using it before buying a wreath hanger. You may also need pins, a tape measure, and some scissors.

Avoid Damage to Your Door

The most obvious way to avoid damaging your door is to avoid nailing wreaths to it! However, even with garland hangers, damage in the form of scratches can occur.

To avoid this, attach the fabric to the back of the garland and its hanger. This will provide a protective layer and prevent any scratches.

Alternatively, you can use double-sided tape and Velcro to keep the wreath from moving and keep it from scratching.

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