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How To Decorate A Christmas Wreath?

Jan 13,2023 / News

1. Double the greenery. Most pine Christmas Wreaths are too thin and look expensive. Here's an easy fix...just twist two or three together for a luxurious look, then spend a lot of time loosening all the branches. Mixing two or more different types of greenery together is also a very high-end look. Pine, cedar, juniper, and eucalyptus all look great together.

2. Add lights. String them and tuck the wires into the branches as best you can. If your wreath has lights, you may also want to add more to make it extra bright and sparkly at night. I love the look of using two different types of lights - like mixing standard lights with larger bulb lights or star lights or mini fairy lights. It adds dimension and interest to the finished wreath. Another thing to consider about lights is whether or not your garland is close to the plug. If not, there are many battery-operated string lights that can be used. Nothing ruins the look of a wreath like an extension cord running along a wall.

3. Add a ribbon. The trick to making ribbons look great on garlands is to buy wired ribbons and use floral wire. Prepare the ribbon by wrapping an 8-inch wire around the ribbon every 12 inches.

4. Add a second contrasting color band. Since I was using a wide printed ribbon, I chose sheer solid ribbon for my second. I love the sheer ribbon on the wreath because it catches the lights and makes things sparkle at night.

5. Add details. Here's the fun part! Now you can add all the lovely ornaments, floral picks, and other accessories to take your wreath to the next level and really make it special. You can use anything you like for this part. Just make sure to connect anything fragile with flex wire securely. I usually place my garlands around the house before adding details so I can make sure the placement looks correct.

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