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How To Decorate Artificial Christmas Trees?

Jan 20,2023 / News

How to decorate Artificial Christmas Trees?

1. Create a theme

First, you need to choose a theme. For a Christmas tree to look professionally decorated, it needs an element that ties everything together. It's based on a specific color scheme, collection of accessories, or one of your interests

2. Start with classic accessories

When decorating for Christmas, choose ornaments in classic colors like red, white, silver, and gold. The trees complement the character of the other trees, creating a different theme each year.

3. Shape your tree

Raising and styling can take a long time, but they are important aspects of the decorating process. They help you bring your centerpieces to life. Plus, the branches retain most of their shape after the first setup, making it easier next time.

4. String lights

Before stringing lights on your tree, check that they are in working order. Then, start at the base of the tree and work your way up through the branches.

5. Divide the tree into parts

To decorate like a pro, view your tree in sections: top, middle, and bottom. Then, work from the top, one at a time, and work your way down. For a more balanced look, divide your tree further into quadrants. This ensures that no two similar items get too close together.

6. Clever Ornaments

There are no hard and fast rules for accessories. Experts, however, tend to start with larger ornaments and tuck them deep into the foliage for added depth. So you can achieve a beautiful layered look. On the other hand, hanging smaller ornaments from the tips of the branches can achieve a draping effect.

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