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How to decorate your artificial Christmas tree?

Feb 10,2023 / News

1) Loosen and straighten your tree

When you unpack your Artificial Christmas Trees, get ready to make them gorgeous. Most tree decorating enthusiasts start with an artificial tree. Natural trees are rarely available early in the season, and artificial trees are cleaner, easier to control, and easier to reuse. So get your artificial tree ready to support all the amazing decorations.

2) Set a design theme for your tree

Once you have your tree ready, it's time to set the theme. A uniform theme makes a tree look professionally decorated. Building on that theme and sticking with it will give your tree a unified look and provide a vision for the overall balance of your ornament. Choose a theme that is meaningful to you and will guide the design of the entire tree, from the tops to the smallest ornaments.

3) Start with the top hat

The topper sets the character and impression for the whole tree. It will also set the balance of the design from top to bottom. Place your topper first, as it will be easier to place it before all the other decorations are on the tree. Reinforce the top and secure the top so it doesn't wobble or throw the tree off balance. Then step back, admire the entire tree, and imagine how your design will unfold.

4) Organize and prepare your decorations

Now that your tree is ready to decorate, prepare the ornaments before placing them. Categorize the entire collection by skins and themes. Doing this will help you space out your ornaments aesthetically -- by size, color, texture, and style. When you start adding ornaments to fill out your tree, it will be easier to find ones that fit the theme you have in mind. Big or small, shiny or fabric. Trains, snowmen, or family memories, the perfect decoration will be within reach.

5) Visualize the triangular flow

Another tip of the trade is the triangular approach that encourages designers to create visual triangles. The triangle method mirrors the way the human eye works. When we scan a scene, the eye jumps from point to point in the triangle, building the entire image in detail. Thus, a triangular design can make your tree look more balanced and appealing on an instinctive aesthetic level.

6) Arrange the decorations from largest to smallest

You start with the top hat; now, define the tree with your largest ornament. If you have large snowflakes or glass globes, hang them now from beauty points around the tree. If you want to embed gifts in shiny paper, place them in branches and secure them. Place the large ornaments first to define the rest of the space throughout the tree.

7) Wrap the outer garland

Now get ready for your furry tree garland, which can be a furry garland, an impressive ribbon, or even a handmade paper chain. Wrap your tree with branches from top to bottom, tucking your garland into the lowest branches. Of course, the way you pack it is up to you. You can create a designer or even perfect spiral or scalloped garland so that it hangs nicely from the branches.

8) Hide gifts and prizes

Last but not least, hide your gifts. Secure all decorations so they don't fall off easily, then use the last open space for gifts and prizes for the family to retrieve from the tree. Candy canes, squeakers, fruit, and wrapped baubles add wonderful interactive elements to your stunning Christmas tree design. Amaze the family with nesting gifts throughout the month, or hide the last of them on Christmas Eve.

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