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How To Hang A Christmas Wreath The Way It Doesn't Hurt Your Walls

Feb 17,2023 / News

1. Use sticky hooks

If you want to hang your Christmas Garlands on the wall without nails, experts recommend using sticky hooks. They're useful because you can remove them and reposition them. The hooks are suitable for doors, walls, and even stairs. You can even choose clear ones for mirrors and windows.

2. Fix with nylon fishing line

Clear nylon fishing line is strong, versatile, and virtually invisible from a distance. This makes it one of the prettiest tricks on how to hang a wreath without nails.

3. Tie a ribbon or twine

Hanging a garland with ribbon or natural twine is a great Christmas decoration idea. Not only is it functional, but it is also a style element that ties the look together.

4. Use a crafting line

Craft thread is more durable than ribbon or nylon. If you're wondering how to hang heavy wreaths without damaging your walls, this is one of the best materials.

5. Put the wreath hanger on the door

Wreath hangers allow you to easily display wreaths without damaging doors. Most wreath hangers fit standard doors and have steel frames to support heavier wreaths. Some are also adjustable, so you can change the height of your monitor.

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