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How Your Artificial Christmas Trees Light Up

Dec 30,2022 / News

When hanging lights from Artificial Christmas Trees, be sure to use compatible wiring harnesses and enough bulbs for your desired light density. Below are the materials and steps to follow when stringing lights on a tree.

tape measure
Extension cord

Step 1 | Untie the String Lights

Carefully turn on the light. Test the bulbs to make sure they are in good working order.

Step 2 | Protect the light

Wrap the first set of lights loosely around your hands. Avoid dragging the strings across the floor.

Step 3 | Hang Christmas Lights

Make sure to allow enough slack so the plug can connect to an extension cord or electrical outlet. Starting at the bottom, slowly wrap the string lights around the tree, working the string lights in and out of the branches.

Step 4 | Fence the tree

Continue weaving the lights around your tree, moving up with each rotation. After the light goes out, insert the next string. When you get to the higher sections, use the ladders. Hide the export inside the branch.

When you're done, plug in your lights and inspect your tree from a distance. Adjust the position of the strings if any branches block or block the light.

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